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TheAdvertPlatform : FAQ

Hello everyone,

Last update : 3rd March 2017 - Release 4.10 

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I present you the FAQ question only into my Blog called TAP Platform that pays you about TheAdvertPlatform website, program that pays you for buying Credit Packs and for watching advertising with less of 10 minutes of work per day ! That's all, folks ! Compagny with $0 debt !

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  • I have lost money through a product or company that was advertising with your platform question,
  • Can I advertise anything on TheAdvertPlatform ? question,
  • Can I pause my advertinig campaign ? question,
  • What are credits used for ? question,
  • Do I have pay taxes for the money I make through your affiliate program ? question,
  • What happens when if I don't complete my  required number of actions by the time the timer  in back office runs out ? question, 
  • What is vacation mode and how does it work ? question,
  • My earnins seem to be variable (earning more one day than other days) why is that ?  question,
  • Can I buy advertising for someone else using "Pay it Forward" ? question,
  • Will I earn affiliate commissions when I 'Pay it Forward' ? question,
  • What happens if I reverse a payment for services I paid The Advert Platform ? question,
  • Can I change my referring affiliate ? question, 
  • Can I have more than one account ? question, 
  • What is the response time of support ? question,
  • How do I get paid ?  question,
  • Can anyone from around the world be a customer or an affiliate ?  question,
  •  Can I buy advertising products with my affiliate income ? Question,
  • Do I have to complete Ad Spinner actions to earn affiliate commissions ?  Question,
  • Do I have to complete Ad Spinner actions in order to earn from Credit Packs ?  Question,
  • Are there limits to Credit Pack purchases ? question,
  • Where is The Advert Platform headquartered ? question,
  • Where are my affiliate commissions ?  question,
  • I made a large purchase of Advertising and I don't see my products. What's going on ? question,
  • What is the difference between 'Lifetime Combined Earnings' and my 'Account Balance' ? question, 
  • Are there any limits on withdrawals ? question, 
  • Do I have to buy a Credit Pack to earn ? question,
  • I just purchased one or more Credit Packs and I am seeing little to no profit-share earnings in my account ! question,
  • On which products do you accept Credit Cards ? question,
  • What payment processors do you accept ? question,
  • What is the exact distribution of revenue via profit-sharing ? question, 
  • Do you have an affiliate program ? question,
  • How do I earn € ? question, 
  • How do I change my passwords or PIN ? question,
  • There are funds missing in my account ! question,
  • Help! I can’t access my account ! question,
  • What is The Advert Platform (TAP) ?  question,
  • Do I have to wait until the timer is red to complete more actions ?  question,
  • Accounts in the same Household ? question,
  • What is the Ad Spinner ? question,
  • How do I get added to the company Skype group ? question,
  • How do I win the free postcode lottery ? question,
  • Help ! I did not visit the postcode lottery and missed my postcode being drawn ? question,
  • What is the bonus and how do I recieve it ? question,
  • I've won the postcode lottery, now what ?  question, 
  • Do you not need a license to run a free postcode lottery ? question,
  • Where are the postcodes drawn from ? question, 
  • Who receives the prize if there is more than one person living in a postcode ? question,
  • Do I have to use the Google Chrome Extension ? question,
  • Wait, does that mean I can no longer complete my actions using a mobile or tablet ?  question,
  • My Twitter Retweet does not work ? question, 
  • My SEO backlink is not verifying ? question, 
  • How do I setup a GPN account ?   question,
  • I'm unable to access my GPN account ? question,
  • I have a different question related to GPN ? question,
  • How long do I have to leave the SEO backlink on my website ? question,

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 TheAdvertPlatform : HERE ***

→ How can I start making money with TheAdvertPlatform, please ?

  1. Open an account into these two processors :
    1. SolidTrustPay : HERE,
    2. GPN : read below, 
  2. Open a TheAdvertPlatform account, Registration is FREE : HERE
  3. Complete your profiles,
  4. Buy advert packs called Credit Packs in Euro, according your means, with your favorite processor : 
    1. SolidTrustPay,
    2. with your credit card which will create automatically a GPN account,
  5. Click every day your 3 texts, 3 facebook, 3 twitter, 3 links into the Traffic Exchange,
  6. That's it ! You get paid every 20 minutes by watching your balance,
  7. Read the FAQ, the Terms, all documents ...


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Have a nice day !

The best for you !

Christophe Leroy

Independent Affiliate of TheAdvertPlatform

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