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TheAdvertPlatform : How can I register step by step

Hello everyone,

Last update : 3rd March 2017 - Release 9.1

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I present you the How can I register step by step into my Blog called TAP Platform that pays you about TheAdvertPlatform website, program that pays you for buying Credit Packs and for watching advertising with less of 10 minutes of work per day ! That's all, folks ! Compagny with $0 debt !

TheAdvertPlatform That Pays you for purchasing advertsiing as Credit Packs
► I wish to make money NOW on TheAdvertPlatform HERE

→ Introduction : 

Do you have dreams to achieve ? Ideas, projects ? Yes, I think we all have!

Can you imagine that you could no longer go to work because you did not really like it ?

You will not wake up with the ball in the stomach or be sick of going to work; To be tense or empty internally, without empathy !

Do you want to be happy all the days of your life ? To smile, to breathe, to relax, to share more time with your family, your children, to be inspired by innovations, to discover new horizons, new destinations that make you dream ? Yes, to all these questions and dreams, no doubt you have others, so read the following:

Whether as an individual or as an entrepreneur, you seeked to promote your business, your company, your services, your local, regional products, your books, your ebooks, your creations, your hotel, your restaurant and your talents for selling ​​your products, etc ... the list of trades would be very long! You would be moving towards solutions that would bring you new customers, would not you? You would make business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, posters, advertise in supermarkets and hypermarkets, advertise in local, regional or national newspapers, on radio, on TV . Today, you would used advertising on the biggest social media, on the biggest platforms emanating from search engines, you tacitly see who I think ... No need to quote them, everyone knows them! You would have an expense budget and advertising costs for your outreach! Very good !

But, does it really work ? Do these great social media companies, search engines care if you got customers and sales ?! No, of course ! They sell an advertising service and that's it! Certainly with some tools or information that might be useful.

Have all the steps you have taken to make you known have been successful ? Were you disappointed with the result ? Did you lose money? Without a doubt ! But, these steps are useful ...

Whatever the answer, TheAdvertPlatform is THE SOLUTION because this advertising platform sells an advertising package (Ad Pack) with real impressions as the major social media and search engines do it! But, you will say, it is identical to what you suggested before! A frank yes, to answer you, but I have forgotten to add, willingly I mean, that your site will get more visibility, attendance, guaranteed traffic AND you will buy the advertising package that will pay you 20% in More of your purchases !

In summary, you will be paid to make / buy from the pub! Mmmmh, it sounds good! I repeat it! You will got paid to advertise your sites that will pay you 20%! And this regardless of the amount of your advertising purchases !

"If an entrepreneur is not interested in advertising, he is not a real entrepreneur!"

I will quote the Henry Ford's  expression:

"Whoever does not advertise, dies!"

I -  TheAdvertPlatform - How can I register step by step ?

You can follow these steps for undertanding how you can register and starting to earn money by purchasing advertising through the Credit Packs.

→ Step 1 :  

Watch the Official presentation video of TheAdvertPlatform
in my article : HERE

→ Step 2 :

Read the terms first : HERE

→ Step 3 :

Why TheAdvertPlatform
is not a scam : HERE

→ Step 4 :

Register on TheAdvertPlatform
Forum if you wished more infos about the community, the program, and so on : HERE

→ Step 5 :

Register into SolidTrustPay payment processor : HERE 

Register into GPN payment processor : Once registered on TheAdvertPlatform, through your Credit Packs purchases with credit card, your GPN account will be created automatically, 

→ Step 6 :

Registration is FREE : HERE

→ Step 7 :

Once you have registered, I must explain you the dashboard without showing it because it is prohibited by the Terms of use. You can see at the top left, your First and Last name and below your ID account, and, your sponsor.

First, in the left menus, you have the TheAdvertPlatform's links :

  • Getting Started link,
  • Dashboard link,
  • Buy Advertising link,
    • Credit Packs link,
    • Credit Booster link,
    • Wheel guaranteed visitors link,
    • Facebook post shares link,
    • Twitter ReTweet, 
  • TOM Affiliate ToolKit link,
    • Quick start tab,
    • Affiliate link Tab,
    • Social Media tab,
    • Email Templates tab,
    • Telephone scripts tab,
    • Leaflets tab,
    • Videos tab,
    • Banners tab,  
    • Lead entry tab,
  • Ad Spinner link,
  • Profile and Security link,
    • Profile link,
      • Credential tab,
      • Personal tab,
      • Address tab,
      • Sponsor tab,
      • Email tab,
      • Payment processor tab,
      •  Ad Pinner tab,
    • Security link,
      • Change your password,
      • Change your pin,
    • Legal link,
      • Income disclamer document, 
      • Terms document,
      • Affiliate agreement document,
      • Affiliate advertising and promotion policy document,
    • Company updates link,
    • Help desk link,
    • FAQ Page link,
      • You can access to all questions into my article on this blog TAP Platform That Pays You : HERE
      • But You must register on the TheAdvertPlatform website for accessing to all the answers,
  • Advertising link,
    • Campaign Statistics link,
      • Ad Spinner tab,
      • Pop Under Stats tab,
      • Wheel Advert Stats tab,
      • Banner Advert Stats tab,
  • Affiliate Centre link,
    • Affiliate Program Details link,
    • ToolKit link,
      • Affiliate Links, tab,
      • Capture Page tab,
      • Household Link tab,
      • Affiliate Logo tab,
      • Video tab,
      • Banners tab,
      • 3rd party Marketing Marterials tab,
    • Leaderboard link,
    • My Lead link,
    • My Referrals link,
    • My Customers link,
    • Merchandise link,
    • Mobile App,
  • Financial Centre link,
    • My Credits Packs Stats link,
    • Affiliate Commission link,
    • Statement link,
    • Transaction History link,
    • Transaction Pending link,
    • Vacation History link,
    • Withdrawal History link,
    • Withdrawal Centre link,
  • Quick Links link,
    • Vacation link,
    • Pay it forward link,

→ Step 8 :

Second, in the top right menus, you have the TheAdvertPlatform's links :

  • Ad Spinner link,
  • Forum link,
  • Merchandise link,
  • Spin Wheel link,
  • Free Lotto link,
  • Android App link,
  • Pay It Forward link,
  • Vacation link,
  • Withdrawal Centre link,
  • Submit a Testimonial link,
  • Logout link,

→ Step 9 :

Click on the TheAdvertPlatform
Get Started link for watching some usefull Videos like setup your TheAdvertPlatform profile, social media profile, buy credit packs and so on ...
You can visit and read my article about the videos title in the dashboard : HERE

→ Step 10 :

Once you have fill out your profile, you can make money with TheAdvertPlatform website : 

  • by purchasing Credit Packs,
  • by clicking every day your 3 texts, 3 facebook, 3 twitter, 3 links into the Traffic Exchange,

That's it ! 

You get paid every 20 minutes by watching your balance !

→ Finally very simple and quick steps : 

  1. Open an account into these two processors :
    1. SolidTrustPay : HERE,
    2. GPN : read below, 
  2. Open a TheAdvertPlatform account, Registration is FREE : HERE
  3. Complete your profiles,
  4. Buy advert packs called Credit Packs in Euro, according your means, with your favorite processor : 
    1. SolidTrustPay,
    2. with your credit card which will create automatically a GPN account,
  5. Click every day your 3 texts, 3 facebook, 3 twitter, 3 links into the Traffic Exchange,
  6. That's it ! You get paid every 20 minutes by watching your balance,
  7. Read the FAQ, the Terms, all documents ...

 NOTE : Please, once you have registered, you will become an independent affiliate of TheAdvertPlatform . 

 NOTE+ : Please, you don't need affiliates to earn money on the TheAdvertPlatform website. 

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 TheAdvertPlatform : HERE ***


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Have a nice day !

The best for you !

Christophe Leroy

Independent Affiliate of TheAdvertPlatform

All calculations of examples of losses or profits are estimates only that you can earn and are in no way be considered as guarantees. Your success or failure depends entirely on your commitment, your understanding and your intellectual and financial capacity!

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